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2016-07-07 01:10 pm

An Excerpt From My Authobiographical Highly MetaFictional Web Serial

Exactly what it says.

It's an intense multimedia project of mine and newfound project of mine. *shrugs* Enjoy the offering! Fair warning a lot of it is intense deep-rooted and trying to move past the past type of stuff. UGH. I kind of hate myself for putting this up, but it's 100% anonymous these days or at least I aspire to keep it that way and it usually requires heavy editing to keep my emotions in check to just tell the narrative like a fictional narrative. x_x


Here it is.

"Sometimes, the world can drive any person mad on any given day. Many types of people believe that they are geniuses. Unsung heroes in their own right, or so they tell themselves. And it always ends the same, they lead themselves towards their own path of destruction.

Unable to accept that they were never the heroes they envisioned themselves to be. Unable to that there was nothing wrong with the world. Only themselves.

And so, we begin, dear readers. And so, we begin."

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2016-07-07 01:00 pm

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No names.

Demons in my past.

But I'm trying to build something

I hope you'll take a peek at what I have to offer over time.